Welcome to SNH Titan Beta!

First Steps

Before using the SNH Titan for the first time, read our Quick Start Guide.

New Features

With the SNH Titan you get these new possibilities for securing and analysis:

Surveys continue in the background

Runners now ensure that the data you want to collect is secured in the background. This allows you to make several saves at the same time and continue to work undisturbed. This allows you to achieve results for your investigations more efficiently and quickly.


Cross-network investigations in one case

You can retrieve data from all the social networks you have secured in one project. So for your next case, you only have to create one project and it will give you an overview of all the social networks you have secured. This way you can see connections between the data at a glance.


Linking multiple profiles from different social networks

SNH Titan now allows for better display and analysis of profiles that can be assigned to a real person. If a real person has several profiles within one or more networks, they can be linked together through the account linking function so that they are uniquely assigned to the person. In the account linking dashboard, you can see statistics about all included profiles.


We have summarised the most frequently asked questions in our FAQs.


All information and instructions for the SNH Titan can be found clearly in our manual.


Do you need help? Please register with our support portal. Our team and partners will be happy to assist you.

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